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Promote the health and well being for new immigrant communities

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"A safety net of the safety net"

Street Level Health improves the health and well being of uninsured, underinsured and underserved immigrant communities in the Bay Area. Known to many as "the safety-net of the safety-net", our center is a critical entry point to the health care and social service system for a disproportionately impacted population excluded from the Affordable Care Act.

Our emphasis is on caring for the entire person, recognizing that a health clinic is insufficient to address all health needs. We offer individual and group mental health care, nutritious meals, herbalist and natural care, and jobs with living wages, all of which are free at the point of service. Street Level's whole-person care model knows that the best way to care for people with complex needs is to consider their full spectrum of needs—medical, behavioral, socioeconomic and beyond—in a coordinated and integrated way.

We cannot provide these services without help. Your donation can provide healthcare and food to some of the people who need them the most. For information on cash or in-kind donations, please contact: Gabriela Galicia at