Cultivate Health Equity in Alameda County.

Support the power of integrative health services for the remaining uninsured.

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"Proyecto de Salud Para Todos"

Street Level Health improves the health and well being of uninsured, underinsured and underserved immigrant communities in the Bay Area. Known to many as "the safety-net of the safety-net", our center is a critical entry point to the health care and social service system for a disproportionately impacted population excluded from the Affordable Care Act. As one of the few agencies specializing in the needs of Day Laborers, our Health Access and Empowerment program responds to a demographic of Limited English Proficient adults faced with a multitude of barriers that often include literacy skills; immigration status; and homelessness.

We prioritize a geographic area of Alameda County (zip codes 94601 and 94606) where census data reports 48% of households live below federal poverty levels, and the Migration Policy Institute approximates is home to 134,000 foreign born Latinos. Many of whom comprise a rapidly growing community of immigrants experiencing risk factors that pose psychological and physical threats associated to extreme poverty; emotional trauma; and the informal labor markets that they are forced to access due to immigration status.